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Elastikk Hot Sale Waist Slimming Trainer

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Bothered by your abdominal obesity?

Check out our Waist Slimming Trainer. Stay fit and health!


  • Waist Slimming: Effectively burns calories and combines the benefits of aerobic exercise with reflexology. Provides both an aerobic and cardio-vascular workout.
  • Foot Massage: The magnetic wave disc will massage and stimulate meridian points on the bottom of the feet and stimulates blood circulation. Help promote good health.
  • Swing your body twice to each side and do a half squat.
  • Spread your arms like a cross, then swing to both sides for five to eight minutes.
  • Spread your arms diagonally, so that one arm is pointing in the air and the other is pointing to the ground, then swing to both sides.
  • Bend forward and swing to both sides.
  • Be careful when using it.


      • Material: ABS Plastic, Steel
      • Suitable for all sizes, ages, men, or women
      • Weight Bearing: 100kg
      • Size: 282 x 282 x 45 mm